> Question: So _core_ GDAL developers (with write access) should also
> create PR? Than wait for feedback and any many cases apply PR on their
> own?

It is up to you, and your confidence in your change. There can be 3 
* directly push to origin (https://github.com/OSGeo gdal)
* do a pull request if Iyou want other people to have a chance to review and/
or have CI tests running
* or push to your own github account so that CI tests are still run on it, and 
then merge if everything's OK
As far as I'm concerned, I do a mix of the 3 depending on the change, my mood 
of the moment, etc...

If you directly push to origin, make sure to monitor
and be ready to take appropriate action if something breaks. There are 
unfortunately some flakes sometimes, or timeouts, so a failure is not 
necessarily yours, and you'll have to look at logs.


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