Hi Chiara!

Absolutely, your edits are very welcomed.

If you need an account for Trac, just goto http://id.osgeo.org and request an account (small world: I'm one of the volunteers approving those accounts / due to spam attacks this is required). I'll watch for your request. thanks! -jeff

On 2018-07-11 12:40 PM, Chiara Marmo wrote:
I'm Chiara, as Trent said I'm working on FITS driver improvement in GDAL.

I have prepared a documentation page on the VESPA-Europlanet wiki [1]

I'm not an official contributor to GDAL code, but I will be happy to contribute 
to the Trac documentation if I may.
May I? :)

Thanks for listening,

[1] https://voparis-confluence.obspm.fr/display/VES/GDAL+with+FITS

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Trent, is it possible that you record all these steps and hints for
compiling FITS support at https://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/BuildHints
(i.e. create a new wiki page there and add a link to your build page in
the "External Library Issues" section)  That way the steps are recorded
and easy to find (instead of lost in the email archives)

I'm happy to add a Windows section for compiling FITS as well.



On 2018-07-05 2:12 PM, Trent Hare wrote:
     Yes -  the FITS format is supported in GDAL once compilation has
been linked to CFITSIO.

Note this driver is currently being enhanced to (1) better support FITS
files within GDAL and (2) the format FITS will have an extension added
to it, which allows more typical GIS map projection support. That branch
of GDAL is being worked on Chiara Marmo:

For Mac, I'm not sure this will work, but on Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu)
this should get you FITS support in GDAL (and also get QGIS with FITS

_In order to have QGIS working with FITS_

   * install CFITSIO (Fedora : cfitsio-devel ; Ubuntu : libcfitsio-dev)
   * install GDAL (Fedora : gdal-devel ; Ubuntu : libgdal-dev)
   * install QGIS

*_Temporary workaround_: *
    So a method Chiara created to test GDAL for FITS users is a simple
Python script which creates a GDAL VRT header pointing into the FITS
file. Once the VRT is created, any GDAL program can use it by pointing
at the VRT file (gdal_translate, QGIS, ArcMap, ...). Perhaps that is
worth a shot.

Lastly, once the FITS driver is updated we will try to support an
anaconda version of GDAL with CFITSIO pre-built for users (should help
Macs users too).

Good luck,

P.S. maybe a little un-tested *build help* (linux again - sorry).

Clone/download the GDAL repo.
$ cd gdal/gdal
you have compiled there the 'fits-driver' branch, using
$ ./configure
In that same repo you have a config.log file.
If you grep cfitsio in config.log you must have (among others, and
depending on your distro)
EXTRA_INCLUDES='-I/usr/include/cfitsio '
LIBS='-lcrypto -lexpat -ljasper -ljpeg -lgeotiff -ltiff -lpng -lcfitsio
-lz -lpthread -lm -lrt -ldl  -lpcre'
$ ./make
more: https://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/BuildingOnUnix

On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 9:59 AM Susan Borda <sbo...@umich.edu
<mailto:sbo...@umich.edu>> wrote:

     Thanks Evan, I saw that mentioned in the formats list but I'm not
     sure how to "build GDAL" with this library. I just downloaded GDAL
     and it uses Python 3.6 but the version of CFITSIO I found uses
     Python 2.x. I'm using a Mac but can easily run all of this on Linux
     VM if need be.


     On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 12:45 PM Even Rouault
     <even.roua...@spatialys.com <mailto:even.roua...@spatialys.com>> wrote:

         On jeudi 5 juillet 2018 12:41:08 CEST Susan Borda wrote:
          > Hi-
          > I'm new to gdal and am trying to use gdalinfo to read a
         *.fits file
          > (astronomy files), specifically the header. When I list the
          > supported by gdalinfo, I'm only seeing FIT not FITS. Is FITS
         no longer
          > supported?

         It is, but you must build GDAL against the CFITSIO library:

         On Debian and derivatives, this is the libcfitsio-dev package.

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