I am using QGis to read records from a database via ODBC. Each record contains 
spatial information in the main table in WKT format, and the database also has 
a Geometry_Columns table that defines

This works fine, and QGis is able to plot data straight from the database. 

The database was recently modified and now has two fields of spatial 
information (point and line) both in WKT format. I can get QGis to read either 
of these by modifying the single record in the 
Geometry_Columns table.  

If there are two records in the Geometry_Columns table, QGis will only read the 
WKT field defined in the first record. 

Is this a limitation of the ODBC driver? Or is there a specific way to pass >1 
geometry field from a table to QGis via ODBC?

Grateful for any assistance 

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