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well, another annoying 3.8.0 regression related to ogr2ogr GPKG -> Shapefile when field names are longer than 10 characters (ah Shapefile!!!) popped up today, so here's a RC3 (crossing fingers it's the good one):

A snapshot of the gdalautotest suite is also available:

The changes since RC2 are:

* Detect failure in installation of the Python bindings
* Fix installation issue with Python 3.12 on Debian
* GDALOverviewDataset::IRasterIO(): use parent dataset when possible for more
* gdal_footprint: fix wrong taking into account of alpha band (#8834)
* gdal_footprint: fix taking into account of individual bands that have nodata * COG: for JPEG compression, convert single band+alpha as single band JPEG + 1-bit mask band * GTIFF SRS reader: include VertCRS name from EPSG in CompoundCRS name if there's no citation geokey * ogr2ogr: fix GPKG -> Shapefile when field names are truncated (#8849, 3.8.0 regression) * CSV writer: do not quote integer fields by default (only if STRING_QUOTING=ALWAYS is specified)
* GPX: make detection of extensions element more robust (#8827)
* Shapefile: recognize '      0' as a null date, fix writing an invalid "0000/00/00" date
* Python bindings: add a combineBands option to gdal.Footprint()

Withdrawing previous motion and:

==> Motion: adopt 3.8.1 RC3 as final 3.8.1 release

Starting with my +1,


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