The answer to that is the same as the answer to the question 'How does
the Genealogical Data Model differ from GEDCOM?'  The answer is
addressed fairly well in the GDM spec ( - yes it's
in word format but hopefully openoffice can grok it or you can find a
windows box to read it on).  Basically, GEDCOM was made by the church
for its own purposes (submitting names to the church, exporting from
PAF) and the genealogical community outside of the church embraced it as
the closest thing to a standard that there was. All these years it has
served everyone well, but it is not the best data model for describing
genealogical information, which is why the GDM came about.

The GDM is a different paradigm altogether. I wish I could explain it in
a few words but the best I can do is point you to the docs at the above
url.  Or, I could lend you my printout for a day or two (but I didn't
bring it with me to campus today)

Hans :)

* Lars Olson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Mon,  3 Jun 2002 at 11:01 -0600]
> Newbie from UUG here...
> How does this project differ from the GEDCOM 6.0 project from the Mormon 
> church?  (They're creating an XML DTD so that GEDCOM files can ge 
> migrated to XML.)
> More info:
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