Sure, I'll gladly add my comments on gdmuml ...

I've been monitoring (and occasionally participating) in the
gdmxml and GenealogyXML groups for a few months. From
the beginning my interest has been more in the data model
rather than in an XML schema.

As a starting point, I believe the GENTECH model has the
advantage that it is more general purpose. It addresses the
process of genealogical research whereas some of the other
approaches are deliberately process agnostic. And, as you
know, it reflects the wealth of experience of the Lexicon
Working Group.

gdmuml's objective is to create a representation of the "gdm"
in the UML. The intent is to capture the semantics of the "gdm"
while factoring out the influence of a database implementation.
The outcome will be a more conceptual representation of the

I don't see my project as developing another standard, but
there is always the risk of not making a faithful translation or
of introducing an alternate interpretation. I am hoping that
gdmuml will make the GENTECH model more easily
understood and thus widen the potential audience.

Stan Mitchell

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> I realize I neglected to comment on TEI and Stan's project. I am only
> vaguely familiar with TEI but I know that it is a general-purpose XML
> standard for encoding text (as in transcriptions). It probably is
> applicable in a genealogy framework, although I'm not sure how at this
> point.
> As for Stan's project, I am hoping that he'll comment on it for us. :)
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