On 12/12/2011 06:51 AM, Johann SAUNIER wrote:
Hi there,

This is a new patch for Geanyprj. It doesn't implement any functionality
or bug fix. It's only a cosmetic patch to comply to Geany's coding

Since geany-plugins has moved on GitHub, is there an equivalent to the
"tracker->patches" functionality of SourceForge for sending patches ?


In Github land it's called a "pull request". While logged in to Github, navigate to the geany-plugins repository and click the "fork" button. It will make a copy of the repository under your account. Create a new branch, hack away and when it's ready, click the "Pull request" button on Github and it will notify committers that you have something ready in your branch to be merged.

Of course like you did here on the ML is fine too, but it's easier to loose track of if it's not persistent somewhere.

Matthew Brush
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