On 19/12/2011 22:19, Matthew Brush wrote:
On 12/19/2011 09:37 AM, Nick Treleaven wrote:
On 19/12/2011 14:40, Matthew Brush wrote:
On 12/19/2011 05:54 AM, Nick Treleaven wrote:
I tried opening data/geany.glade with the latest Glade, 3.8.1 on
Windows. Pressing Save writes a lot of changes to the file, 260 Kb. It
seems to be mostly reordering property tag lines for

Also, when I added 2 menu items it created duplicate image ids for
image1, image2.

Not sure what this means.

It stopped Geany from starting with an error message about image1 being
defined twice.

I'm not sure why it made duplicate IDs, but I guess we should try and

I'll investigate it a bit more, but it could be a Glade bug. I was adding 2 image menu items with custom label text and stock icons for go-up, go-down using the menu editor dialog.

start naming things properly now, at least new stuff we add. This is
what I've been doing since the conversion, but there's still lots of
default/crazy widget names in there :)

I think new widgets we need to lookup should have logical names. Changing existing ones may break plugins though.

I'm hoping that we can standardise on 3.8.1 so we can review diffs and
also avoid adding noise/bloat to the git repo each time someone uses a
different version of Glade than the last commit.

I'm all for this, I can easily remove 3.8.0 and switch to 3.8.1. It does
seem like 3.8.1 is the last "stable" release before our version of GTK+
is not supported anymore (3.10), so it makes sense and is convenient for
use on Windows with a binary available. I guess we should/could note
this in the HACKING file or something?

Sounds good, although the 3.8 series depend on GTK 2.24:

I think this is probably acceptable though, as people building Geany from source don't need Glade installed, and even Geany developers can get by without it for certain things, e.g. fixing bugs.

BTW Glade 3.10 depends on GTK+ 3:

Also, HACKING says:
Callbacks for the user-interface should go in ``src/callbacks.c``.

I think this requirement should be relaxed, as having callbacks in a more relevant file means better encapsulation of functions & data.
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