Yeah I thought they needed it a little warmer when sick--kind of like a fever when we're sick, isn't it? Yes, there are cooler spots in the tank, (though she spends quite a bit of time right there at the hot spot, but she moves away periodically too).

Next question, does it matter much when I give the oral med? I was guessing during the day while the metabolism is up would be best. However, I also took a P. picta in [to the vet] for a different eye problem, and she's on the same meds. Being nocturnal, I started wondering when exactly her metabolism would be up--daytime when it is warmer, or nighttime when she is more active? Or does it matter?

(on that subject, any tips for getting a picta who is getting tired of the daily meds to continue to open her mouth? last time I medicated one of my girls she simply refused to take the last dose, even the vet couldn't get her to open her mouth on her follow-up!)

Julie Bergman wrote:

Camille Thompson wrote:

My female grandis has developed an eye infection. I took her to the vet yesterday and now have a topical and oral antibiotic for her. I've set her up in a sick tank (a 10gal) in my bathroom (ambient temp ~76-77 F) with a 40 W light and the new UV light I picked up at the vets to replace the old one (the male will just have to live with the old one awhile longer). Basking spot is at least 89 F, probably a little higher (she keeps moving the probe!)

That is a tiny bit warm, however, you want to keep sick gex a degree or two warmer than usual max temp. As long as she can go lower in the terrarium on a nice fat stick and be cooler if she wants that is fine.

Question is, should I put her on the same light cycle that she was used to, or extend her daylight hours to allow more basking (have definitely observed that she has been basking more in the past few days)

Same light cycle. No need to mess with her cycling while she is sick.


Should I do the hot water heater jar trick for at night, to give her the option of extra heat at night?

It surely would not hurt. Good luck!

Julie B.

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