On 09/20/2016 09:26 PM, ub wrote:
> i followed the dependency chain and i think (not 100% sure) pix_film
> uses libquicktime, which in turn uses ffmpeg to play it.

Gem can use a variety of backends to decode a video, using it's own
plugin system.
libquicktime is among them.
libgmerlin is among them.
others are as well...

> i was wondering, how difficult it would be to add stable support for the
> hap-codec in Gem. maybe even bypassing libquicktime/ffmpeg alltogether?

just write a filmHAP plugin :-)
the main problem is see is that the output of [pix_film] is a *pix*,
that is a decoded image in main memory.
i *guess* that HAP would benefit from leaving the image on the GPU
memory and just making it available as a texture.
unfortunately the "film" plugin architecture doesn't allow this.

there has been a proposal for a "texture source" plugin, but it hasn't
got much attention from my side.

> has anyone looked into it yet?



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