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Changeset 11660:61bbdcf4217d
riscv: [Patch 6/5] Improve Linux emulation for RISC-V

This is an add-on patch for the original series that implemented RISC-V
that improves the implementation of Linux emulation for SE mode. Basically
it cleans up linux/linux.hh by removing constants that haven't been
defined for the RISC-V Linux proxy kernel and rearranging the stat
struct so it aligns with RISC-V's implementation of it. It also adds
placeholders for system calls that have been given numbers in RISC-V
but haven't been given implementations yet. These system calls are
as follows:
- readlinkat
- sigprocmask
- ioctl
- clock_gettime
- getrusage
- getrlimit
- setrlimit

The first five patches implemented RISC-V with the base ISA and multiply,
floating point, and atomic extensions and added support for detailed
CPU models with memory timing.

Signed-off by: Alec Roelke


  src/arch/riscv/linux/process.cc PRE-CREATION 
  src/arch/riscv/linux/linux.hh PRE-CREATION 

Diff: http://reviews.gem5.org/r/3668/diff/



Alec Roelke

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