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Change subject: mem-cache: Split array indexing and replacement policies.

mem-cache: Split array indexing and replacement policies.

Replacement policies (LRU, Random) are currently considered as array
indexing methods, but have completely different functionalities:

- Array indexers determine the possible locations for block allocation.
  This information is used to generate replacement candidates when
  conflicts happen.
- Replacement policies determine which of the replacement candidates
  should be evicted to make room for new allocations.

For this reason, they were split into different classes. Advantages:

- Easier and more straightforward to implement other replacement
  policies (RRIP, LFU, ARC, ...)
- Allow easier future implementation of cache organization schemes

As now we can't assure the use of sets, the previous way to create a
true LRU is not viable. Now a timestamp_bits parameter controls how
many bits are dedicated for the timestamp, and a true LRU can be
achieved through an infinite number of bits (although a few bits suffice
in practice).

Change-Id: I23750db121f1474d17831137e6ff618beb2b3eda
M configs/common/cores/arm/O3_ARM_v7a.py
M configs/common/cores/arm/ex5_LITTLE.py
M configs/common/cores/arm/ex5_big.py
M src/mem/cache/Cache.py
M src/mem/cache/base.cc
M src/mem/cache/blk.hh
M src/mem/cache/cache.cc
M src/mem/cache/cache.hh
A src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/ReplacementPolicies.py
A src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/SConscript
C src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/base.cc
A src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/base.hh
A src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/lru_rp.cc
A src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/lru_rp.hh
A src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/random_rp.cc
R src/mem/cache/replacement_policies/random_rp.hh
M src/mem/cache/tags/SConscript
M src/mem/cache/tags/Tags.py
M src/mem/cache/tags/base.hh
M src/mem/cache/tags/base_set_assoc.cc
M src/mem/cache/tags/base_set_assoc.hh
M src/mem/cache/tags/fa_lru.cc
M src/mem/cache/tags/fa_lru.hh
D src/mem/cache/tags/lru.cc
D src/mem/cache/tags/lru.hh
D src/mem/cache/tags/random_repl.cc
26 files changed, 590 insertions(+), 418 deletions(-)

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