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Change subject: mem-ruby: Fix RubyPrefetcher support in MESI_Two_Level

mem-ruby: Fix RubyPrefetcher support in MESI_Two_Level

Only a small quantity of prefetches were issued, as the positive
feedback mechanism was not implemented. This commit adds a new
action po_observeHit, which notifies the RubyPrefetcher of
successful prefetches and resets the prefetch flag.

When a cache line was replaced by a prefetch, the wrong queue could
be stalled. This commit adds a new event PF_L1_Replacement, which
stalls the correct queue.

The behavior when receiving a prefetch or instruction fetch while
in PF_IS_I (prefetch caused GETs, but got invalidated before the
response was received) was undefined. This was changed to drop the
prefetch request or change the state to non-prefetch, respectively.
This behavior is analogous to IS_I (non-prefetch caused GETs, but
got invalidated before the response was received) and the data case,

In my local branch a major (20+%) performance increase can be
observed in SPEC2006 gobmk and leslie3d when enabling the
prefetcher. Some other benchmarks like bwaves, GemsFDTD, sphinx and
wrf show smaller (~10%) performance increases. Unfortunately, the
performance in most other SPEC benchmarks is still poor, most likely
as the prefetcher does not detect strides fast/often enough. In
order to push the change timely (most benchmarks have runtimes in
the order of days on my machine even with the smallest parameters)
after checkout, I have only run gobmk with the base repository
+ this commit. The results match those of my local branch.

Change-Id: I9903a2fcd02060ea5e619b409f31f7d6fac47ae8
M src/mem/protocol/MESI_Two_Level-L1cache.sm
1 file changed, 37 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

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