On 16/05/2018 08:10, Ciro Santilli wrote:
I recommend keeping them on GitHub but with fixes mentioned on title.


I would be OK removing these repositories as they contain the old
kernels (they match arm/linux-{arm,arm64}-legacy on gerrit). The old
kernels used to have different code bases and patches for aarch32 and
aarch64 and were based on a Linaro tree, this was undesirable for
multiple reasons. The new kernel is based on Linus's tree and has a
cleaner branch name policy (gem5 branches are all called gem5/vX.Y). To
avoid having lots of old branch names without any logic, I decided to
deprecate the old repos and create a new unifed kernel repo. The new
kernel lives in the arm/linux repo on gerrit.

They are not getting the latest code it seems, no v4.15 for example.

That's by design since they contain an ancient and broken Linaro kernel.
The new repo contains a kernel based on upstream.

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