Hi all,

Ayaz Akram is our first blog contributor! He has written up some of the
work we've been doing at UC Davis trying to understand gem5's current
status. Ayaz ran 320 different gem5 configurations and, sadly, found that
most of them don't even boot Linux :(. However, we've already fixed some of
the bugs, and hopefully (with your help!) we'll fix more before the gem5-20

See http://www.gem5.org/project/2020/03/09/boot-tests.html for the details.


PS: Some of you may have seen that ISCA will be virtual this year due to
the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that the Learning gem5 Tutorial and the
gem5 Users Workshop will also be virtual. I'm actually quite excited by
this since this will make it easier for you all to participate in the
Workshop and attend the Tutorial! More information on how this will work is
coming soon. Stay safe and healthy!
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