> What do people (mostly Nate) think about having a single header file for all
> debug flags?
> Instead of "#include "debug/MyFlag.hh" for every flag you want in a DPRINTF,
> you could say "#include "debug/debugflags.hh" and that would cover all the
> debug flags available for DPRINTF.
> Would that (the old way?) not be more desirable then the new way of
> including debug flags? Are there infrastructure things that make this
> complicated?

The whole reason I changed the flags around was to avoid the
centralized file :)  The main problem with the centralized file is
that if you add or remove a flag, you have to recompile just about
everything.  There is no reason that you couldn't do localized
includes for a set of flags though.  For example, you could add a file
to the src/cpu/inorder directory called debugflags and include the few
debug flags that you want and that way only the inorder CPU would be
rebuilt if you added a flag to it.  Adding the centralized file back
wouldn't be quite as bad as it was before since it would only be a
centralized .hh file and not a centralized .cc file (which makes doing
things like adding a flag for a unit test a real problem.)  I'm pretty
sure it's not worth it though and the localized files that include a
bunch of flags for each CPU model are probably as much as anyone
really needs.

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