I managed to run a statically linked hello world under certain

But if I try to run an ARM dynamically linked one against the stdlib with:

./gem5/gem5/configs/example/ -c ./a.out

it fails with:

    fatal: Unable to open dynamic executable's interpreter.

How to make it find the interpreter? Hopefully without copying my
cross' toolchain's interpreter on my host's root.

For x86_64 it works if I use my native compiler, and as expected
`strace` says that it is using the native interpreter, but it does not
work if I use a cross compiler.

The current FAQ says it is not possible to use dynamic executables: but I don't trust it, and
then these presentations mention it:


but not how to actually use it.

QEMU user moe has the `-L` option for that.

Tested in gem5 49f96e7b77925837aa5bc84d4c3453ab5f07408e
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