Hi Ciro,

As you seemed to have figured out, running dynamically linked executables
has only been tested for x86_64 native platforms. It *is supported* if your
binary is x86 and your native machine is x86. I'm not sure what it would
take to get this working for native ARM machines (e.g., simulating ARM and
running on an ARM native machine) or if you could use QEMU user mode to get
dynamically linked executables to work on a non-native machine. Both of
these cases would likely require some re-working of the code.


On Sat, May 26, 2018 at 11:56 AM Ciro Santilli <ciro.santi...@gmail.com>

> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50542222/how-to-run-a-dynamically-linked-executable-syscall-emulation-mode-se-py-in-gem5
> After
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48959349/how-to-solve-fatal-kernel-too-old-when-running-gem5-in-syscall-emulation-se-m
> I managed to run a statically linked hello world under certain
> conditions.
> But if I try to run an ARM dynamically linked one against the stdlib with:
>     ./out/common/gem5/build/ARM/gem5.opt
> ./gem5/gem5/configs/example/se.py -c ./a.out
> it fails with:
>     fatal: Unable to open dynamic executable's interpreter.
> How to make it find the interpreter? Hopefully without copying my
> cross' toolchain's interpreter on my host's root.
> For x86_64 it works if I use my native compiler, and as expected
> `strace` says that it is using the native interpreter, but it does not
> work if I use a cross compiler.
> The current FAQ says it is not possible to use dynamic executables:
> http://gem5.org/Frequently_Asked_Questions but I don't trust it, and
> then these presentations mention it:
> * http://www.gem5.org/wiki/images/0/0c/2015_ws_08_dynamic-linker.pdf
> * http://research.cs.wisc.edu/multifacet/papers/learning_gem5_tutorial.pdf
> but not how to actually use it.
> QEMU user moe has the `-L` option for that.
> Tested in gem5 49f96e7b77925837aa5bc84d4c3453ab5f07408e
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