Hi Folks,

I'm working on a use-case where I need to ingest bulk documents into Marklogic, 
only those documents which adhere to predefined ( have written my own)
XML schema should be loaded into DB. If fails then details should be written in 
a log file. My approach to achieve this so far is :

1.       Create an XSD.

2.       Write a MLCP transformation module or content processing framework 

3.       Validate content of each document inside the module and using try ... 
catch block

4.       If content is valid - insert , if not write to failed list (logs)

Am I going right ?
Can anyone share with me the best approach ?
Is there any other way of doing this than mlcp and CPF ?

Thanks and Regards,
[Email_CBE.gif]Abhishek Jain
Associate Consultant
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