This looks like a good idea.

The one suggestion I would have is that this makes it easy to install
broken stuff. Of course, we have already had breakages with system
upgrades - interface changes or removed dependencies can show up as
addons not working right. It might be nice to have a way of marking
addons as broken, either with a todo/fixme note or maybe just a
documented way of deleting them?



On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 2:49 PM, chris burke <> wrote:
> (This is cross posted to general and programming - please send any comments
> to general.)
> We plan to move the addons source from SVN to github, and at the same time
> support installs from personal github repos outside the main addons source.
> See .
> We have this working now, but would appreciate comments before going ahead,
> thanks.
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