Leo Simons wrote:
Of interest:

  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/gump# cd ~gump
  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/gump# du -hs .ivy
  1.2G    .ivy
  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/gump# du -hs .maven
  41M     .maven
  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/gump# du -hs .m2
  791M    .m2

While we have a bunch of different stuff in .maven and .m2, almost all of the stuff in ~gump/.ivy is smartfrog artifacts, going back months and months and months. There's no reason for gump to keep months of generated jars. I'd argue that either

  * there must be a way to configure ivy to do a "SNAPSHOT" thingie


  * we must erase ~/.ivy after every run


+1 to killing ivy and .m2 regularly

I've just tweaked my gump target to run our ivy-purge target before each gump build; this pulls all smartfrog artifacts from ~/.ivy/published and ~/.ivy/cache ; its what we do before releases to make sure there isnt any legacy state in there. I could add something similar for the m2 repository. This will stop smartfrog leaking versions, though gump is still vulnerable to anything else publishing in to ivy


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