On 2009-02-11, Vladimir Blagojevic <dov...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Our JGroups build fails on Gump because
> javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory instance configured for the
> JVM running the build is not found. There is something wrong with
> classpath used to run the build. Take a look at the stacktraces as
> well.

It used to be a different error when Bela pinged you, I guess.

Gump sets up Ant in a way that makes Ant ignore all your
buildfile-internal classpath settings and initially the schema
generation failed because Ant couldn't load your Schema-Compiler.

I then changed the classpath to contain your "classes" directory and
now we have a different error.

Right now the problem is that you have a svn trunk version of
xml-apis.jar (which is configured to uses Xalan for TraX) but no Xalan
itself on the CLASSPATH Gump provides.

Will be fixed in a second and will hopefully make the next build work

Many thanks for taking care of this issue!


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