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>> Hi Oleg

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>>> Log:
>>> Giving up on Gump

>> Why is that, what is causing trouble to you?  I don't recall any
>> specific incidents.

> There several reasons that led me to this decision.

> (1) Gump has been Maven2 unfriendly for quite some time.

I'd say it is the other way around, but I'm certainly biased. 8-)

> Just a small example. Every change of an artifact version in a
> project's POM causes Gump build failure, requiring a manual update
> of the Gump metadata.  While not such a big deal, this can be quite
> a nuisance during the release process when so many things need to be
> taken care of.

Yes, this is a pain.  We'd immediately fix that in Gump if only we
could.  We've tried to set the artifact name related properties on the
mvn command line (as we've been told to do), but it simply doesn't

> (2) Just recently HttpCompopnents Core build has been failing for
> several days in a row. Despite all my attempts to figure out _what_
> exactly was causing the failure, I just could not. All tests seemed to
> pass.

Most likely a change upstream.

> At the same time I could not find a way to get hold of the surefire
> reports to double-check. It was all just a bit too much for me and I
> gave up.

You really only need to add a junitreport element that points to the
surefire target directory and all test reports are published.  Sorry
it isn't documented in an obvious way.

> While I understand the unique value of Gump, Continuum is simply more
> practical for multi-module Maven projects.

Gump and Continuum fill totally different needs.  IMHO it is no
"either or" but a "use both".  Use Continuum for your nightly builds
and use Gump to detect the impact of your changes to your dependees or
changes in your dependencies to you.


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