On 2009-04-23, <jan.mate...@rzf.fin-nrw.de> wrote:

>> Do you know how much memory is supposed to be sufficient in order to
>> build hudson?  We could set MAVEN_OPTS globally.

> I tried MAVEN_OPTS with several values on my WinXP machine with Java
> 1.6.0_12:
>   -Xmx32m     : too less
>   -Xmx64m     : too less
>   -Xmx128m  : works

I've set it to 256m on our Solaris zone
http://gump.zones.apache.org/gump/test/index.html where it should be
used for the next fresh build starting sometime this afternoon (from
my European perspective).

If things work well, I'll change vmgump's environment as well.


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