On 2011-01-07, Sander Temme wrote:

> We might have to do platform-specific build steps, where Gump would
> call a shell script (like buildconf) on Unix systems and call a batch
> script (or do nothing, for some steps and some projects) on Windows.

This is what the script builder actually does, see lines 124 to 137 in
If there is a file "buildconf" execute it, if not, execute buildconf.sh
or buildconf.bat respectively.

To make this work there had to be files buildconf-gump.[sh|bat] where
the sh version just called buildconf and we needed to change the
scriptname inside the descriptor.  And of course the .bat file had to do
something sensible.

But this isn't anything we can do, the [sh|bat] files had to be provided
by the respective projects.


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