On 2011-01-12, Ludmila Shikhvarg wrote:

> I'm looking for some missing jar files to download manually from the
> project website.
> Sorry for a long list, but I need your help. Please give me a pointer
> to the missing files below.

Most of the files you list (all that I snipped) will be created during
the Gump build.  I don't know whether they are available via any other

> cocoon/cocoon22-reactor:
> 1) daisy:daisy-repository-api:jar:1.5-dev
> 2) nekodtd:nekodtd:jar:0.1.11
> 3) daisy:daisy-repository-xmlschema-bindings:jar:1.5-dev
> 4) daisy:daisy-repository-client-impl:jar:1.5-dev
> 5) daisy:daisy-repository-common-impl:jar:1.5-dev
> 6) daisy:daisy-repository-spi:jar:1.5-dev
> 7) daisy:daisy-jmsclient-api:jar:1.5-dev
> 8) daisy:daisy-htmlcleaner:jar:1.5-dev
> 9) daisy:daisy-util:jar:1.5-dev

I don't know where they come from, but one of the Maven repositories
used during the Cocoon 2.2 build must be carrying them.


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