On 2011-01-27, Nick Burch wrote:

> Several of us have tried, but no-one can replicate the failure that
> gump is seeing.

There has been a change to Gump (or rather Ant) at the same time as
poit-test started to fail so it is very likely related.

When Ant forks a new VM like it does for forked JUnit tests it will now
honor build.sysclasspath for the bootclasspath as well.  This means that
some jars - in particular xml-apis, xalan and xerces - that used to be
on Ant's bootclasspath but not the one of the forked VM will now be on
the forked VM's bootclasspath as well.

> Any chance someone could forward us the junit failure details for the
> test?

I've changed POI's Gump descriptor to publish the test reports on the
webpage, should become available with the next run.


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