On 2011-06-10, David Crossley wrote:

> Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>> I think we cover all the rest of the requirements - but I'll double
>> check - except for our logos that need "TM" symbols.  I'm still not
>> capable of doing any artwork so please, who ever feels like using Gimp
>> or Photoshop or Paint, you are more than welcome to TMify the bench
>> logos (the one on our main site as well as the one on our reports).

> I am no graphics expert either. I started a Forrest
> plugin to assist with this. See config patch at GUMP-163

Many many thanks.

> It overlays a trademark symbol using SVG to create a
> new image.

IIUC we could merge the overlay directly into the logo, is that correct?
I'm not familiar with SVG at all but maybe that needs to change anyway.

> This patch only applies it to the main Gump logo.

> Add the other "reports" logo to xdoc/images/
> temporarily (i notice that it has the same filename)
> or give it a new name.

I think it is bench.svg, but I'm not sure.

> Tweak its related SVG file to position its TM appropriately.

I'll give it a try.

> Hope that helps.

Thanks again


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