Help please with working out why the "forrest-test" run of Gump is broken.

In a local build, this works fine (cd main; ./ test -v).
However, with the Gump run, it skips over a certain step which causes
later things to fail.

In the Project build output, search for Ant target 
(The run is in verbose mode.)

At this target, after that "echo" it is supposed to be then doing the target
"get-local" via an "antcallback" [1] around line # 70. This is coming from
the "fetch-plugin" target via a sequential "antfetch" [2] around line # 349.


That all works properly at the local build. However running via Gump,
it completely misses that "get-local" target, with no error message.

Can anyone see what is wrong for Gump please?



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