On 2012-12-21, David Crossley wrote:

> Help please with working out why the "forrest-test" run of Gump is broken.
> http://vmgump.apache.org/gump/public/forrest/forrest-test/

Sorry, have been (and likely will continue to be for the next few days)
mostly offline.  You have modified the build process enough that there
is no fetch-local-unversioned-plugin target to see in the log anymore.

Right now I see configure-plugin failing for PDF - is the where you'd
suppose the plugin to be downloaded?

Looking through FOR-1235 and your XSL, you have

<target name="fetch-local-unversioned-plugin" unless="plugin-found">

which means the target would be skipped if the property plugin-found was
set for any reason.  The Gump output you quote inside the JIRA ticket
really looks like the one you'd get if a target was skipped because of
an if/unless attribute.

You certainly could be triggering a bug/feature in Ant or Ant-Contrib
present only in trunk but not the version you use locally, but neither
project has been really active lately so that's not too likely.

Maybe you could build Ant from trunk and see whether your local build
still fails with that as well.


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