Hi all,

the mvn repo proxy suddenly fails to respond when downloading stuff from
mvn central until the build process is killed after the 60 minute
timeout.  I have disabled nagging until the problem is resolved since it
would just create noise anyway.

Right now I don't have any idea what's going on, some data points

* the mvn repo proxy code hasn't changed for many months

* it happens on vmgump(Ubuntu) as well as inside the FreeBSD zone, which
  makes an OS specific change less likely

* using wget I can download the artifacts to vmgump - but so far I
  haven't managed to monitor a Gump instance close enough to try wget at
  the point in time when the mvn proxy fails

* it seems to always be repo1.maven.org that is contacted when the
  request fails

* the mvn repo proxy sits on top of a version of Restlets that is quite
  old and there isn't much information to be gotten for it anymore

I'm not sure how to fix that right now.  My next step will be to figure
out how to set a shorter http timeout inside the proxy (or any timeout
at all in the first place) so the Gump builds don't run for too long and
retrying the request might actually become an option.  I'll also try to
get more debugging information from it.

Any ideas are welcome.


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