On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 9:34 AM, Mark Struberg
<strub...@yahoo.de.invalid> wrote:
> ...Please note that during the incubation people need to either show that they
> are eager to engage with the community...

Indeed, but for a well established project like NetBeans I suppose the
initial committers will recognize some people as soon as they show up,
as contributors to NetBeans before Apache, and suggest electing them
quicker than if they were unknown. With such a large project it's
probably impossible to create a fully fair initial list of committers,
and fixing that shortly after entering incubation is fine.

The committers and PMC rosters are usually rediscussed before
graduation anyway, so people who signed up but don't become active
during incubation can be omitted, it goes both ways.

> ...Not sure if it would make sense to already split this into PPMC and
> committers for the initial contributors?...

Before voting on incubation you mean? I wouldn't do that - refining
the PMC roster before graduation is fine, but now is too early IMO,
let's see who actually becomes active before making such decisions.


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