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>Hi All,
>After some discussion on the Dubbo proposal, I'd like to start a
>vote on accepting Dubbo into the Apache Incubator.
>The ASF voting rules are described:
>A vote for accepting a new Apache Incubator podling is a majority vote
>for which only Incubator PMC member votes are binding.
>This vote will run for at least 72 hours. Please VOTE as follows
>[ ] +1 Accept Dubbo into the Apache Incubator
>[ ] +0 Abstain.
>[ ] -1 Do not accept Dubbo into the Apache Incubator because ...
>The proposal is listed below, but you can also access it on the wiki:
>= Dubbo Proposal =
>== Abstract ==
>Dubbo is a high-performance, lightweight, java based RPC framework
>open-sourced by Alibaba. As in many RPC systems, Dubbo is based around
>the idea of defining a service, specifying the methods that can be
>called remotely with their parameters and return types. On the server
>side, the server implements this interface and runs a Dubbo server to
>handle client calls. On the client side, the client has a stub that
>provides the same methods as the server.
>== Proposal ==
>Dubbo has a fairly huge community today, and is widely adopted by many
>companies and organizations, but most of them are in China. We believe
>running Dubbo in Apache Software Foundation can facilitate development
>of a stronger and more diverse community.
>Alibaba submits this proposal to donate Dubbo's source code and its
>side projects to the Apache Software Foundation. The code is already
>under the Apache License Version 2.0.  Dubbo source code and its side
>projects are hosted on Github right now:
>* Dubbo code base: https://github.com/alibaba/dubbo
>* Web site: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo.github.io
>* Documentations: User
>Guide(http://dubbo.io/books/dubbo-user-book-en), Development
>Guide(http://dubbo.io/books/dubbo-dev-book-en), Admin
>* Other side projects hosted under dubbo group(https://github.com/dubbo
>== Background ==
>Dubbo was developed at Alibaba in 2011 and has been widely used in
>many production lines there since then. Dubbo offers three key
>features, which include interface based remote call, fault tolerance &
>load balancing, and automatic service registration & discovery. Since
>Dubbo is open-sourced on github, it's been received up to 15k stars,
>and has been forked for more than 10k times. Besides being widely
>adopted inside Alibaba, Dubbo is also used in approximately 80% of
>internet companies in China, including JingDong(http://www.jd.com),
>DangDang(http://www.dangdang.com), Qunar(https://www.qunar.com),
>NetEase Kaola(https://www.kaola.com), etc. In 2017, Dubbo has won the
>TOP 10 most popular open source projects in China for 2 consecutive
>years since 2016.
>We'd like to share this outstanding framework at the Apache Software
>Foundation, and start developing a wider community through the Apache
>way. We believe more people and organizations can be benefit from it
>by doing so.
>== Rationale ==
>Remote procedure call (RPC) is one of the cornerstones to build
>distributed systems, especially useful in today's e-commercial
>industry and cloud computing providers. Dubbo is the java-based RPC
>implementation. By using Dubbo, developers can call the remote service
>just like call a local method but without worrying about the details
>for the remote interaction. We expect more interesting features and
>use cases to emerge from the community ranging from microservices to
>cloud computing, and many other areas.
>== Current Status ==
>=== Meritocracy ===
>The intent of this proposal is to start building a diverse developer
>and user community around Dubbo following the ASF meritocracy model.
>Since Dubbo was open sourced, many companies in China adopted Dubbo to
>build up their own contributing system, moreover, we received many
>enhancements or issue reports from them at the same time. The codebase
>is now mainly managed by the development team inside Alibaba who's
>responsible for building internal distributed system too. Any
>suggestion or issue is discussed on
>https://github.com/alibaba/dubbo/issues and more casual talk happens
>in gitter channel (https://gitter.im/alibaba/dubbo). We plan to invite
>more people as committers if they contribute to this project.
>=== Community ===
>Dubbo is currently being developed by the development team inside
>Alibaba who's responsible for building internal distributed system
>too. Since it's open-sourced, Dubbo is widely adopted by many other
>companies including CNUCC (China Nets Union Clearing Corporation),
>ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), China Life Insurance,
>DiDi, Qunar, Dangdang, NetEase Kaola, Maoyan Movie, GOME, Haier, CSDC
>(China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited),
>AsiaInfo, and many more. We hope to grow the base of contributors by
>inviting all those who offer contributions and excel through the use
>of The Apache Way. Contributions from outside of Alibaba  are
>constantly accepted by Dubbo project and its side projects.  Right
>now, we make use of github as code hosting as well as both Google
>Groups and gitter for community communication.
>=== Core Developers ===
>Dubbo is currently being developed by engineers from Alibaba,
>Dangdang, Qunar and WeiDian. Ding Li, Huxing Zhang, Ian Luo, Jun Liu,
>Liujie Qin, Mercy Ma, Von Gosling, William Liang are working for
>Alibaba. Most of them are working in Alibaba middleware team, and some
>of them are also the core members of internal RPC framework, HSF (high
>speed service framework). Von Gosling is the co-creator of Apache
>RocketMQ, while Huxing Zhang is one of Apache Tomcat PMC members.
>Besides, the Dubbo core developers also includes Xin Wang from
>WeiDian, Liang Zhang from DangDang, Zhaohui Yu from Qunar. All of them
>are in charge of building and maintaining distributed system in their
>organizations, and have great passion in contributing back into Dubbo
>=== Aligment ===
>The ASF is the natural choice to host the Dubbo project as its goal of
>encouraging community-driven open source projects fits with our vision
>for Dubbo. The ASF is also the home to many other projects with which
>we are familiar with and hope to integrate better with Dubbo including
>Apache Thrift, Apache Zookeeper, etc. We believe that there will be
>mutual benefit by close proximity to these and other projects.
>== Known Risks ==
>=== Orphaned products ===
>The core developers currently work full-time on RPC area for Alibaba.
>Dubbo is widely adopted by many companies and individuals. There's no
>realistic chance of it becoming orphaned.
>=== Inexperience with Open Source ===
>The core developers are all active contributors, users and followers
>of open source. They are all already committers and contributors to
>Dubbo project, and have gained good experience in running open-source
>project in Github and interacting with the community. Moreover, Von
>Gosling and Huxing Zhang from the initial committer, both are working
>on Apache projects (RocketMQ and Tomcat respectively), will guide
>others to practice the Apache Way together along with other incubator
>=== Homogenous Developers ===
>The current set of developers work across a variety of organizations
>including Alibaba, DangDang, Qunar, and WeiDian. Furthermore, many
>other companies forked Dubbo and continued to enhance in their own
>private repositories. We plan to encourage them to contribute and
>invite them as contributors to work on one common code base.
>=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
>Currently, most of core developers are paid to work on Dubbo project
>by Alibaba. We look forward to attracting more people outside Alibaba
>to join this project, either payed engineers working on RPC area, or
>individual volunteers, as long as they have enthusiasm for the Dubbo
>=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
>Dubbo integrates Apache Thrift as one of RPC protocols it supports,
>and Apache Zookeeper as one of service registration/discovery
>machanisms. Dubbo is also supported by Skywalking as Dubbo-plugin.
>We look forward to collaborating with those communities
>and any others which use RPC.
>=== A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
>While we respect the reputation of the Apache brand and have no doubt
>that it will attract new contributors and users, our interest is
>primarily to give Dubbo a solid home as an open source project
>following an established development model. More reasons are provided
>in the Rationale and Alignment sections.
>== Documentation ==
>A complete set of Dubbo documentations is provided on
>dubbo.io<http://dubbo.io> in both
>English and Simplified Chinese.
>* Dubbo user guide:
>* Dubbo development guide:
>* Dubbo admin manual:
>== Initial Source ==
>Dubbo was initially developed within Alibaba, and then was
>open-sourced with The Apache License 2.0 under Alibaba Group on Github
>in 2011. Besides the core code base, Dubbo also hosts its side
>projects on github but in a dedicated group instead of Alibaba.
>Specifically, the initial source includes:
>* Dubbo code base: https://github.com/alibaba/dubbo
>* Spring Boot Support: https://github.com/dubbo/
>* Dubbo Admin Console: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-ops
>* Json RPC extension: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-rpc-jsonrpc
>* Home Page: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo.github.io
>* Dubbo Documentation:
>   * User guide: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-user-book-en
>   * Developer guide: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-dev-book-en
>   * Admin guide: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-admin-book-en
>* Dubbo Documentation (Chinese)
>   * User guide: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-user-book
>   * Developer guide: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-dev-book
>   * Admin guide: https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-admin-book
>* Samples/Demo:
>   * https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-feature-test
>   * https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-docker-sample
>   * https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-http-demo
>   * https://github.com/dubbo/dubbo-ws-demo
>== External Dependencies ==
>As all dependencies are managed using Apache Maven, none of the
>external libraries need to be packaged in a source distribution. The
>dependencies all have Apache compatible licenses. These include BSD,
>CDDL, CPL, MPL and MIT licensed dependencies. There are only 3
>transitive dependencies(javassist, netty, and spring-context), and all
>the other dependencies are optional, which are not included in a Dubbo
>Dependency          License                     Optional?
>javassist           Apache License 2.0/MPL 1.1  false
>netty               Apache License 2.0          false
>spring-context      Apache License 2.0          false
>httpclient          Apache License 2.0          true
>zookeeper           Apache License 2.0          true
>zkclient            Apache License 2.0          true
>curator-framework   Apache License 2.0          true
>cxf                 Apache License 2.0          true
>libthrift           Apache License 2.0          true
>commons-logging     Apache License 2.0          true
>commons-lang        Apache License 2.0          true
>mina                Apache License 2.0          true
>fastjson            Apache License 2.0          true
>xmemcached          Apache License 2.0          true
>hessian             Apache License 1.1          true
>tomcat              Apache License 2.0          true
>jetty               Apache License 2.0/EPL 1.0  true
>validation-api      Apache License 2.0          true
>hibernate-validator Apache License 2.0          true
>cache-api           Apache License 2.0          true
>log4j               Apache License 2.0          true
>easymock            Apache License 2.0          true
>cglib-nodep         Apache License 2.0          true
>resteasy            Apache License 2.0          true
>fst                 Apache License 2.0          true
>slf4j-api           MIT                         true
>jmockit             MIT                         true
>jedis               MIT                         true
>grizzly             CDDL 1.1                    true
>servlet-api         CDDL 1.1                    true
>javax.el            CDDL 1.1                    true
>logback-classic     EPL 1.0                     true
>junit               EPL 1.0                     true
>kryo                BSD 3-clause                true
>== Required Resources ==
>=== Mailing lists ===
>* dubbo-private (PMC discussion)
>* dubbo-dev (developer discussion)
>* dubbo-commits (SCM commits)
>* dubbo-issues (JIRA issue feed)
>=== Subversion Directory ===
>Instead of subversion, Dubbo prefers to git as source control
>management system: git://git.apache.org/dubbo
>=== Issue Tracking ===
>JIRA Dubbo (Dubbo)
>=== Other Resources ===
>The existing source code already has unit tests so we will make use of
>existing Apache continuous testing infrastructure. The resulting load
>should not be very large.
>== Initial Committers ==
>(In alphabetical order)
>* Ding Li (oldratlee at gmail dot com)
>* Huxing Zhang (huxing at apache dot org)
>* Ian Luo (ian.luo at gmail dot com)
>* Jean-Frederic Clere (jfclere at apache dot org)
>* Jun Liu (ken.lj.hz at gmail dot com)
>* John D. Ament (johndament at apache dot org)
>* Justin McLean  (jmclean at apache dot org)
>* Liang Zhang (terrymanu at 163 dot com)
>* Liujie Qin (qinliujieyangliu at gmail dot com)
>* Mark Thomas (markt at apache dot org)
>* Mercy Ma (mercyblitz at gmail dot com)
>* Von Gosling (vongosling at apache dot org)
>* William Liang (liangfei0201 at gmail dot com)
>* Xin Wang (ovepoem at hotmail dot com)
>* Zhaohui Yu (yuyijq at gmail dot com)
>== Affiliations ==
>(In alphabetical order)
>* Alibaba: Ding Li, Huxing Zhang, Ian Luo, Jun Liu, Liujie Qin, Mercy
>Ma, Von Gosling, William Liang
>* Class Software: Justin McLean
>* DangDang: Liang Zhang
>* Pivotal: Mark Thomas
>* Qunar: Zhaohui Yu
>* Redhat: Jean-Frederic Clere
>* Sparta Systems: John D. Ament
>* WeiDian: Xin Wang
>== Additional Interested Contributors ==
>(In alphabetical order)
>* Hanson Huang (hanson19921129 at gmail dot com)
>* Jerrick Zhu (diecui1202 at gmail dot com)
>* Peng Wei (weipeng2k at gmail dot com)
>* Yuneng Xie (xieyuneng at gmail dot com)
>* Zhixuan Cheng (hengyunabc at gmail dot com)
>== Sponsors ==
>=== Champion ===
>* Justin McLean  (jmclean at apache dot org)
>=== Nominated Mentors ===
>* Justin McLean  (jmclean at apache dot org)
>* John D. Ament (johndament at apache dot org)
>* Jean-Frederic Clere (jfclere at apache dot org)
>* Mark Thomas (markt at apache dot org)
>==== Informal Mentors ====
>* Huxing Zhang (huxing at apache dot org)
>* Von Gosling (vongosling at apache dot org)
>=== Sponsoring Entity ===
>We are requesting the Incubator to sponsor this project.
>Best Regards!
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