Hi All,

72 hours has passed and the vote for accepting Dubbo into Apache
Incubator has passed with:

5 binding "+1" votes,  9 non-binding "+1" votes,  no "0" and no "-1" votes.

Binding votes:
 - Justin Mclean
 - John D. Ament
 - Mark Thomas
 - Kevin A. McGrail
 - Jean-Frederic Clere

Non-binding votes:
 - Longda Feng
 - Xin Wang
 - Ian Luo
 - Hao Chen
 - Von Gosling
 - yukon
 - Billy Liu
 - Dong Li
 - ShaoFeng Shi

Today is the Chinese New Year's Eve, thanks everyone for their effort
to bring Dubbo into Apache Incubator, and happy new year to everyone
in the community!

Best Regards´╝ü

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