Aaahh great ... happy to hear that.

Well then I'll definitely go the path of using these binary test-data files and 
as they will have the ending ".pcapng" I guess most people will immediately 
know what they are and we'll also point it out in the readme or where it fits 


Am 12.02.18, 09:45 schrieb "Daniel Gruno" <>:

    On 02/12/2018 09:42 AM, Justin Mclean wrote:
    > Hi,
    >> I have a little question regarding binary data in ASF repos.
    > IMO It’s only compiled code that’s not allowed, other binary formats like 
image, pdfs, fonts etc ect are all OK so this should also be OK. I can point to 
a number of releases reviewed here that have had binary files (but not compiled 
source code) in them. Might be a good to label them clearly so anyone who looks 
know what they are.
    Totally fine, yep.
    The reasoning is, we can't vote on binary _code_, only the source.
    If the binary data is test data, there is nothing to _code_ to verify.
    There are plenty of examples. We don't vote on JPEGs and PNGs either ;)
    > Thanks,
    > Justin
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