On 09/03/18 21:47, Chris Lambertus wrote:
>> On Mar 9, 2018, at 1:35 PM, Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org> wrote:
>> On 09/03/18 21:11, Chris Lambertus wrote:
>>> I am specifically referring to the creation of git repos with my reply,
>>> nothing else. You are correct in that the other selfserve.a.o tools for
>>> Jira, Confluence, lists, etc., are pmc-chairs, root, and secretary only.
>>> We will try and be more accurate about the karma specifics when closing
>>> issues as being “self service.”
>>> -Chris
>> Is there any chance of relaxing the restrictions there a little? I'm
>> thinking either to include members of the incubator PMC or, making it a
>> little wider - ASF members?
> I think it’s worth a discussion. With the existing technology, I believe 
> opening up to PMCs would also include PPMCs, and that’s where we feel the 
> greatest risk would be, as PPMC members may not be fully aware of standards 
> and procedures. My personal feeling is that adding the IPMC access to 
> selfserve is warranted, since that is where the bulk of the requests tend to 
> come from. Others in Infra may feel differently. I’d encourage some 
> discussion here pro or con, and see where we land.

I agree opening it up to all PMC and PPMC members would create too much

>> I get that this is increasing risk. I'm wondering if the benefit it
>> would give in terms of unblocking incubator mentors (and PMCs where the
>> Chair is unavailable) is worth that risk.
> My understanding is that any pmc-chair can create resources for any project 
> via selfserve.a.o. It does not have to be the pmc chair of that specific 
> project, so there should be quite a few people who can create these resources 
> at any given time.

Quite frequently this is the case but there are also a fair number of
instances where this is not the case for some projects. I certainly have
had to fill in for a PMC chair a few times using my infra karma. Rather
than relying on another PMC chair or officer happening to be around, or
on a mentor also being a PMC chair or officer, I'd like to see this
opened up a little.

We trust ASF members. They have access to security@ and a bunch of other
sensitive lists and they should be familiar enough with the foundation
standards and procedures - or at least self-aware enough to know when
they don't know.

Opening this up to include ASF members addresses all of the instances I
can think of:
- it would include all podling mentors since they must be ASF members
- it would include the IPMC for the same reason, allowing them to
  back-stop the mentors if required
- it would enable ASF members on PMCs to provide cover if the PMC chair
  was unavailable.


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