+1, agree with JB points.
Mentor mostly just focus on ASF policy and rules, then is ok. 
"Teach him how to fish", it is more important, so it would be better if
mentors could provide some good example cases(role model) for them to learn,
tell them how to find the solution from ASF website.


Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote
> Hi John,
> IMHO, a mentor is not necessary involved in the project technics/codebase
> (it's
> actually a bonus).
> As a mentor, I'm focusing:
> 1. Insure of the legal aspect of the project (ICLA/CCLA, SGA, ...)
> 2. Help around infra and release preparation according to Apache rules
> 3. Help to promote the project and build communities around
> 4. See if there's potential interaction with other podlings and existing
> TLPs
> 5. Help to go to graduation (following the graduation checklist)
> 6. (optional) Help on the contribution (codebase, website, ...)
> My $0.01
> Regards
> JB
> On 04/03/2018 12:54 AM, John D. Ament wrote:
>> I've been following along the absent mentors discussion.  But I'm
>> curious,
>> from both an IPMC member's perspective as well as a member of a podling,
>> what roles do you see for a mentor?  What are their responsibilities to
>> the
>> podling?
>> We have a few things written down, and I'm not too interested in
>> rehashing
>> the written version.  But what do podlings need from their mentors? 
>> Point
>> you in a direction to run with?  Do the apache work for the podling?  Do
>> we
>> (the ASF) need mentors to ensure that podlings are operating within
>> certain
>> bounds?  Do we rely on mentors to be a read of the pulse of a podling?
>> John
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