>> This is because of ASF bylaws i.e only PMC votes are binding on releases.
> That is not in the Bylaws. Stop making stuff up.

That the way it’s been explained to me, several times, by experienced ASF 
people, that only PMC votes are binding on releases and podlings are not 
mentioned in the ASF bylaws. Bylaw wise see section 6.3.  But you're right, it 
would be more precise to say, it's a combination of 6.3 of the bylaws of the 
ASF and the ASF's policy on voting on releases. [1]

> That is the origin of this thread, because you only ever pose
> hypotheticals. You only pose "could" possibilities. But you *never* move
> things to conclusion.

I’ve done far more than just propose possibilities. If that is not evident on 
this list I suggest you read the last dozen incubator board reports for 
evidence. Is it just that’s the conclusion is not what you want or is it that 
it moving slower than you would like? Consensus in the IPMC is sometimes hard 
to reach, but don’t you think is worth trying to do that and engage in 
dialogue, rather than talking what seems on face value to me a rather combative 


1. https://www.apache.org/foundation/voting.html#ReleaseVotes

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