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> A couple of other reasons to supplement Danny's reply:

And one or two of my own:

 * Mailing lists are a "push" technology.  Forums are more "pull."  That means I
can get the mailing list updates sent to me without having to do anything. 
Forums require me to regularly check the website and see what's new.

 * Mailing lists let me browse everything quickly.  Each email (or at least the
subject title) passes by my eyes.  I don't have to dig around in a web site and
perhaps miss something because I didn't click on one last link.

 * Mailing list allow "time-shifting" of the discussion.  This means I can reply
to an email sent a few days ago.  Forums also allow this, but things like IRC
channels do not.

That's not that mailing lists are perfect.  The archives are often hard to
search through and it's easy for good bits of information to get lost.  It would
be nice to be able to incorporate more of the information in on the mailing list
into the website documentation (which a forum allows).  Right now a reasonable
solution is to make sure you copy and paste good mailing list replies into the
community wiki.

Things like Gmane which give you newsgroup access to mailing lists are *very*
nice and solve some of the drawbacks to mailing lists.

Finally, Jakarta did have forums at one time but I don't think they were heavily


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