Henri Yandell wrote:
Suggested new bylaws are at:


The aim is to identify the current reality, rather than plan out a new set
of bylaws. I believe I've responded to the past week of comments,
sometimes by dropping things from the text as they require discussion
(ie: active/inactive projects).

Voting rules are that we need at least 3 +1 _PMC votes_, and a 3/4
majority of +1's to -1's. I'll announce results next Tuesday.

[ ] +1 - let's do it
[ ] -1 - not good

I think the above voting rule is fair enough, though there are others we
could use. Let's not worry too much about it unless we have major
disagreements. Also, if people have non-voting commentary, it would be
nice if they could change the subject (ie:  Madness   Was: [VOTE] Updating
PMC bylaws). Makes counting the votes a lot easier.


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