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This is a *VERY* slippery slope. All of us are committers at Apache on
a personal basis and our employment is no bearing on our committer
status. Remember, they (or anyone for that matter) else can fork
Tomcat (and call it by any name they want and do whatever they want)
if they crave publicity. IF they want to do joint publicity, they can
of course contact the prc and make as much press releases to their
heart's content. This is not the right way to do it.

-- dims

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> Yep, I think the only major request we can have here is that
> it be called Apache Tomcat and not just Tomcat. The 'leading
> Tomcat contributor' is just plain wrong, someone has been
> listening to JBoss press releases. As far as I know, JBoss as
> a company is not a contributor to the ASF, it merely employs
> some people who happen to be. So we don't even have to focus
> on the 'leading' as an issue, JBoss fail the 'contributor' too.

Henri, some of this is word mincing.  The facts, as I see them, are that
Jboss does employ individuals to work on Tomcat full-time.  We shouldn't
be discouraging this effort and, as long as we guarantee the product is
called "Apache Tomcat", what harm is derived from noting that JBoss does
contribute to the development of Tomcat?

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