I am trying to create own WAP platform to test the
Images, Sound, Java and Video/streaming.

WML site able download all the formats of Images &
Midi Sound, but when i try to download MMF tones or
Video [3gp/mp4 file] I am getting character instead on
the content.


And also i have couple of pre-developed java games in
the Java directory; normally you access the “.jad”
file it’s direct to the “.jar” file for downloading.


In my case I could able to access the “.jad” and
“.jar” files separately by defining as: 



/> [for testing I have tried “.jar” file instead of
“.jad”. after downloading it saying unsupported


But when we access the “.jad” file it should direct to
the “.jar” file it’s not doing it.

“.jad” and “.jar” files are in the same directory.

If you could help me on above issues it will be much

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

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