This is a little off-topic but I thought I'd do a quick poll.  I've
got an opportunity to reconfigure my multi-server Tomcat/Java setup
for a computation-heavy webapp.  One vendor is proposing  dual process
Woodcrest (dual core) 2.0 GHz, the other is promoting dual Xeon
3.2GHz.  The Woodcrest's have slower clock speeds but the dual core is
supposed to make it faster.

Just curious if anyone has experience with the Woodcrest servers - in
particular if anyone has benchmarked Sun's JDK on the two processors
with a computation heavy app I'd love to hear from them.  (Can Sun's
JDK make effective use of the multi-processor, multi-core system?)

Cheers, WILL

Forio Business Simulations

Will Glass-Husain

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