Thanks, Geir,

Yes, I'm comparing two Woodcrest chips (4 cores total) with 2
single-core Xeon chips.  I'll check the specs again -- good comments.

Someone recommended this Wiki article, I really liked it.

That's pretty cool about the benchmark.


On 10/23/06, Geir Magnusson Jr. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Full disclosure, I work for Intel. :)

First, are you sure it's a 2GHz Woodcrest?  I thought it would be a 3GHz

Second, is it two Woodcrest (for 4 cores total) or just 1 Woodcrest?

Third, "woodcrest" is an internal code name, and the parts are sold
under the Xeon brand, so which Xeon is a question you want to ask the
vendor - it could be woodcrest based as well.

Finally, the current world record in spec's JBB2005 benchmark is held by
IBM with their JVM on woodcrest (Xeon 5160) at 114k bops/JVM on a 4 core

You can go see the results here :


Will Glass-Husain wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a little off-topic but I thought I'd do a quick poll.  I've
> got an opportunity to reconfigure my multi-server Tomcat/Java setup
> for a computation-heavy webapp.  One vendor is proposing  dual process
> Woodcrest (dual core) 2.0 GHz, the other is promoting dual Xeon
> 3.2GHz.  The Woodcrest's have slower clock speeds but the dual core is
> supposed to make it faster.
> Just curious if anyone has experience with the Woodcrest servers - in
> particular if anyone has benchmarked Sun's JDK on the two processors
> with a computation heavy app I'd love to hear from them.  (Can Sun's
> JDK make effective use of the multi-processor, multi-core system?)
> Cheers, WILL

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