On 12/15/06, Nick Burch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Fri, 15 Dec 2006, Martin van den Bemt wrote:
> Apache legal doesn't know anything about this..

Back when I joined POI, I was told the apache legal team had suggested the

Perhaps one of the older POI committers can supply the original details?

My understanding is that the advice is from Andy's personal lawyer
many moons ago, maybe before POI joined the ASF.

From an ASF point of view if someone breaks an NDA on our list or in a
commit, then it's their head and not ours. We would respond as quickly
as possible once we're aware of the issue by removing reference to
that issue (and unless we think it was an honest mistake also yanking
the commit rights of the person who broke it). I'm not sure if we'd
legally have to do that or not - I don't know how NDAs fit into IP
(copyright/trademarks), or if its just a personal agreement between
two parties and the NDA breaker is just breaking that contract. I am
not a lawyer etc etc, but the above is my understanding and would hold
for any of our mailing lists.

Public statements seem like an odd thing. There's no official archive
of them at the ASF (and they're not made to the ASF), so I doubt they
hold any weight or value to the ASF.


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