I feel a bit attacked for no reason really (regarding the barbs thrown in my direction). It has been some time since I have not been rather civil on this list and I would expect the return courtesy. I've always tried to make a good faith effort with regards to POI. I have never supported (and voted against) the other jakarta flattening thing and at the time it was disingenuously provided (I never reversed my -1 vote you just ignored it). Originally if memory serves (like 5 yrs ago) the legal issue came from our mentor into Jakarta (Stefano Mazzocchi) and following that based on some early issues with legal stuff that was a real thread and some real concerns and scenarios (some of which has to do with an individual that did become a very spirited contributor elsewhere). That stuff should not be vetted publicly and probably not on the PMC list. We very nearly did have a REAL problem in the past that would have put the project and the ASF in jeopardy and steps were taken to require a personal assurance.

I still have no personal desire to have the same people who brought me commons automatically in POI.

I would like to see a formats.apache.org project which was devoted to Java/Ruby/C# APIs for office software file formats and more. However I don't wish to be chair. I would support nick as chair though and lend him what assistance I can. With the launch of Buni (http://buni.org) my time for repeating votes every few months because you're a sore looser while throwing barbs at me is seriously limited. I do however welcome constructive good-intentioned dialog


Nick Burch wrote:
On Fri, 15 Dec 2006, Henri Yandell wrote:
Back when I joined POI, I was told the apache legal team had suggested the

Perhaps one of the older POI committers can supply the original details?

My understanding is that the advice is from Andy's personal lawyer many moons ago, maybe before POI joined the ASF.

OK, I'm happy to be corrected :)

Assuming the Apache legal team are happy with us dropping the requirement (which I take from Martin's email that they are?), then I don't see why we couldn't drop the restriction.

I'm all for getting more Jakarta participation in POI, and more POI participation in the rest of Jakarta. That said, I think I'll wait for Andy's response before I formally switch to a +1

(I am from POI)

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