Martin van den Bemt wrote:
Replying to myself :)

People I am doing something wrong. The board report should be created by the 
committers, with a
personal note added from the Vice President (or in slang Chair). As you all can 
see, I am the only
one who wrote it, which is 1) time consuming 2) icomplete (just have a look a 
very small commons
section) 3) maybe  completely wrong in some cases :) 4) We have 109 projects in 
Jakarta, I am stupid
for even trying to create this report completely by myself.

So to correct my misbehaviour :

I will setup a template in the wiki for the next board report, so if anything 
happens that you feel
needs sharing and in case of new committers, pmc members, releases and other 
decisions I kindly
request that everyone adds it.

You mean like this one :)

I will send a mail to general (and maybe even all the dev lists) when the page 
is up and running and
when I see something happening I will ping the person who made something 
happening to add it to the

Hope you people forgive me ;)


Dennis Lundberg

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