On 23.07.2011 20:47, sebb wrote:
>> * BSF: Slow activity; only coder in last two years is Sebb.
>> A difficult one to decide on. I think we should challenge on it going
>> to the Attic, and if not send it to Commons where it will have more
>> chance of activity.
> Now that JSR-223 is part of Java 1.6 there is less need for BSF.
> There are no bugs oustanding against BSF 3.x.
> Not sure it is worth fixing any of the 2.x bugs.
Please wait a little bit. It has been a long time intent to fix the few
bugs in 2.x and add the enhancements in JIRA to it. Maybe also creating
a JSR-223 bridge to allow BSF 2.x engines to be used in JSR-223
environments (not sure whether this is worthwhile, but it may be the
case that there are 2.x engines for which no JSR-223 engines
exist).(Just have not been able to push this more to the front of my
table; have a 2.x engine in use that has the bugfixes incorporated and I
would like to apply them to the official 2.x.


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