Author: Alexander Barkov

> Hello,
> i had to move a website from an older server to a new one. on the old 
> server in installed mnogosearch and it worked great. on the new server 
> the indexer wont work. i created a mysql-user for the mnogo-database 
> and edited search.htm and indexer.conf ... search.htm is working (it 
> doesnt show me mysql 1045 can not connect but it shows 'An error 
> occurred! 
> Inverted word index not found. Probably you forgot to run 'indexer -
> Eblob'.) - meaning the indexer did not run properly ... but the 
> indexer just gives me the same error everytime: Log has not been 
> opened
> DB err: MySQL driver: #1044: Access denied for user 
> 'mnogo'@'localhost' to database 'mnogosearch' - 
> /usr/local/mnogosearch/etc/indexer.conf:997:
> Indexing
> Loading URL list
> {dbmode-blob.c:4062} Query: LOCK TABLES bdicti READ, bdict_tmp WRITE
> MySQL driver: #1044: Access denied for user 'mnogo'@'localhost' to 
> database 'mnogosearch'
> the DBAddr in both files is:
> DBAddr mysql://mnogo:password@localhost/mnogosearch/?
> socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
> what is the difference between indexer and search.cgi while connecting 
> to the mysql?

indexer needs more privileges, e.g. to do LOCK TABLES.
Try "GRANT LOCK TABLES" for the user running indexer:

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