I have installed Mnogosearch 3.4.1 from source both to Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian Jessie.

In Ubuntu I cannot use Mysql as database because there seem to be some compatibility issues with Mysql 5.7. In Jessie where Mysql version is 5.5x there are no such problems.

I thought to use Sqlite3 in Ubuntu. Database setup goes without errors with indexer --create. But when I try to make index with simply typing indexer, I get similar to the following:

[33572]{--} indexer from mnogosearch-3.4.1-sqlite3 started with '/usr/local/mnogosearch/etc/indexer.conf' [33572]{01} Error: 'DB: sqlite3 driver: (19) UNIQUE constraint failed: url.url'

There seem to be similar problems with Sqlite3 in Jessie as well.

I am not familiar with Mnogosearch and Sqlite3 so is there something I have missed when setting up the environment? Only changes I have made in indexer.conf are Dbaddress and server definitions. Dbaddress is just that it's in the example of Sqlite3 definition in indexer.conf-dist.

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